The Basics of Installing Applications Remotely

Having the option to access your PC remotely is something that can be of great convenience as well as being a good advantage. Basically this means that you will be able to access your PC remotely from another location whilst using another computer. As an example if you are at the office but you need to access some work that is on your PC at home, then with remote access, you will be able to get to the information without traveling home.

However, if you own a business and you have computers at more than one location and you need to download an application to all computers, then you can also download the application remotely too.

Getting started

Before getting started, you must have all of the computers connected via the internet, and for best results this should be as fast as a connection that you can get. On top of which, you will also need to possess a router that has the ability to support, port forwarding. This is something that will assist you with downloading applications to many computers at once without the problem of losing the connection and having to start the whole procedure from scratch which can be immensely frustrating. The next step is to make sure that all of your PC’s are configured to allow remote access; otherwise you are going to find that the rest of the procedure will not work.

Tips on remote access

When you are about to set up your PC’s for remote access, then it is important to remember that you need to protect them from outsiders gaining access to your computers. This is achieved by the use of a firewall and password protection combination. Both of these will need to be updated over a regular period of time because there are always newer threats to your computer, after all your PC’s and network is only as good and secure as your security measures and protection.


So as you can see, setting up all of your PC’s to be accessed from a remote location from a single computer is not as difficult as you might have thought, so long as you make sure that you take the necessary security precautions. However, if you make the mistake of leaving your PC’s vulnerable to attack from outside sources, then you may be leaving all of your personal and business data at risk and available to hackers.

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