The Basics of Installing Applications Remotely

Having the option to access your PC remotely is something that can be of great convenience as well as being a good advantage. Basically this means that you will be able to access your PC remotely from another location whilst using another computer. As an example if you are at the office but you need to access some work that is on your PC at home, then with remote access, you will be able to get to the information without traveling home.

However, if you own a business and you have computers at more than one location and you need to download an application to all computers, then you can also download the application remotely too.

Getting started

Before getting started, you must have all of the computers connected via the internet, and for best results this should be as fast as a connection that you can get. On top of which, you will also need to possess a router that has the ability to support, port forwarding. This is something that will assist you with downloading applications to many computers at once without the problem of losing the connection and having to start the whole procedure from scratch which can be immensely frustrating. The next step is to make sure that all of your PC’s are configured to allow remote access; otherwise you are going to find that the rest of the procedure will not work.

Tips on remote access

When you are about to set up your PC’s for remote access, then it is important to remember that you need to protect them from outsiders gaining access to your computers. This is achieved by the use of a firewall and password protection combination. Both of these will need to be updated over a regular period of time because there are always newer threats to your computer, after all your PC’s and network is only as good and secure as your security measures and protection.


So as you can see, setting up all of your PC’s to be accessed from a remote location from a single computer is not as difficult as you might have thought, so long as you make sure that you take the necessary security precautions. However, if you make the mistake of leaving your PC’s vulnerable to attack from outside sources, then you may be leaving all of your personal and business data at risk and available to hackers.

Why Should You Use Cloud Computing Applications

Depending on a standalone computer or a local area network is not wise anymore. It is much more effective to harness the power of cloud computing, especially if you have a huge business enterprise to run.

Cloud Computing Applications can actually do the whole lot that your own computer can do. From simple applications like word processing to much more complex, personalized software, the technology can knob it all, provided you use the exact middleware. From running applications, to trouble shooting and storing huge amounts of data, the cloud computing technology has become indispensable now. But why do you need to use a virtual machine in the cloud?

Reasons For Using Cloud Computing Applications

• Easy access of data from any computer via the Internet.

• Hardware costs come down substantially as no advanced hardware is required anymore. A simple computer with a few basic input and output devices will enable you to perform all your computer related tasks effectively.

• Software or applications for the entire company can be accessed via the cloud. There is no need to invest in different softwares / terminals and licenses for each employee of the company.

• Leasing a lot of physical space is not mandatory any more. Storing the data in cloud will enable you to function effectively from a small area. This will help you to increase your profits as well.

• Employing a team of experts for providing IT support becomes a thing of past. You can certainly hope to continue with your work unhindered if you choose to use the cloud computing technology.

• The grid computing system within the cloud can help you to perform complex calculations in minutes, thus helping you to save precious time.

Some of the commonly used Cloud Computing Applications

• Google Apps- A group of web applications that provide different functions. It is similar to the traditional office suits. The group consists of Google groups, Google docs, gmail etc.

• Dropbox- A cloud application which can be utilized to store files and folders across the Internet.The individual files can be shared at will too.
• Basecamp- This is a tool meant for project management. File sharing, tracking time and messaging are functions that are enabled here.

• Highrise- This is a CRM application which comes to the users via the Internet. Notes, images as well as contact details can be collated by using this cloud application.

• Backpack- A kind of web based information manager.

• Campfire- An innovative online chat service designed for businessmen.

• Evernote- A note taking application that allows the user to make notes n the form of texts, images, webpages and voice recordings.

• Xero- An accounting application on web, it allows the user to access the latest financial records and statements in real time.
Using the cloud computing technology is not an option anymore, it has become the most accepted form of working effectively in today’s world.

Computer Applications – What Does the Future Hold?

As the internet improves with more applications and services, many of the desktop applications are starting be replaced by online versions of the same thing. These replacements include office suites, photo management, editing, email, and basic programs that are used everyday. What will happen to applications in the future? Will they all be on the cloud?

The cloud versus non-cloud debate most likely is one of poor foresight. The reality is that applications will probably have more of a hybrid model. This means that there will be ways of using the same applications and tools through a browser while connected to the internet with some sort of offline mode to still continue to manage, edit, and use the needed tools.

The concept of having to be 100% on the cloud isn’t one that is needed and probably will not happen. There are backup services today that sync entire folders which can be accessed from multiple devices. Your data from these applications will be on your computers as well as backed up online at the same time. It is important to keep your data on your local machine so that you always have access to it no matter what. At times services can go down and connections could be lost. If you have your data, you can work with it regardless of any of these issues.

Google did a first attempt at this type of hybrid model with Gears but the program never really shaped up the way it could have been. With the upcoming HTML5 it will be much easier for there to be online and offline versions of web applications because of the way these new standards are being programmed.

Another huge benefit of this type of online software is that phones will be accessing the same data. This will allow users to continually be in check with all their documents and programs even on their cell phones. The more devices that can use the same applications and data, the easier it will be to keep everything that you use up to date.

Computer Applications In Education

A computer helps to manipulate data according to a list of instructions, called a program. It can save a lot of data and produce the same, instantly. It is also called a universal information-processing machine. It is a common operating system used in corporate businesses, educational organizations and many research programs. The computer technology has been used proficiently in various educational fields. There are many professional courses that program their curriculum on computers. It enables the students and teachers to methodically study or conduct classes.

Most schools highlight the importance of computer education. They provide computer education to children, at a very young age. It helps them to learn and develop interest in the basics of computers. The main purpose is to make them comfortable using the system, as the future holds a bright promise for the technology. Many students become proficient and plan to pursue careers in the world of computers.

Computers are used in running school and college administrations, during the admission procedures, storing of official and student records. They are also used in syllabus planning and decision-making, controlling, assisting instructions and simulation. Computers are helpful in directing aptitude tests and achievement tests, at the time of entrance exams. There is computer software designed to process performances related to teachers and employees promotion avenues. They also process records of salaries, examinations, schemes of examination, printing of papers and question papers, evaluation of answer sheets, mark sheets and certificates.

Computers are used in colleges, by the professors, to conduct special classes and enable their students to adopt a methodical way of study. Students take more interest in the documented programs, designed on different topics. Internet has provided a favorable means of pursuing courses from renowned universities, across the world. These facilities become available at a click of the mouse.